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Post_race2I am soo guilty of not blogging about my runs in ages.  On June 1st 2014, I ran my 3rd half marathon.  I see now that I was overambitious and was shooting for 15 minutes faster than last years time.  I did not meet that goal or beat my time from the previous year.  In fact I added 10 minutes to my overall time.  I really have an explanation: lack of running.  I moved to Denver, CO (where it snows a LOT) in November.  I was convinced that somehow I would still be able to train and meet this goal.  Because of the weather, I would do a lot of cross training through Zumba and Bootcamp classes and felt I was getting stronger.  In all actuality I really only ran two long runs outside before the race.  A six mile run one month before the race and a 10 mile run the week before.  I had been able to run 3 miles since February once a week.  Somehow I had convinced myself this would be enough training.

Come race day, I got a fair amount of sleep (4.5 hours) and showed up to the start line at 5 am.  I crossed the start line at 7:30 and it was on.  Miles 1-10 were awesome, I was tracking 2 minutes faster than my previous time last year.  The race felt much harder because there was NO June gloom and the sun was just beating down.  At mile 10.30 I stopped to refill my bottles of water.  Then felt both muscles in my butt tighten up and cramp so bad.  I still had to run mile 11 which was all uphill.  I tried to run but decided at the time the pain was too much and I would have to walk the hill.  I was soo disappointed that I started to cry a little (it might have been a combination of fatigue and Marcos emotions).  I started thinking of how I would have to explain to everyone that I didn’t beat my time etc.  Then I literally snapped myself out of it.  I told myself, “Screw that, you are not giving up!  The race isn’t over, as soon as you walk up this hill you need to run the rest of this race for Marcos and everyone else who can’t!!”  Somehow that helped me get over it and from mile 11 to the end I ran.  Even though I walked I only added 10 minutes to my overall time and 44 seconds to my average pace.

I learned that no matter what I need to remember that these races aren’t about times or medals etc.  They are to remember and honor your loved ones in a way that no one else but you can honor them.  Yes it would have been nice to get a better time and believe me I still want one but not getting it was not the end of the world and I am still glad I completed the race.  I have decided to run a second race this year in Denver so I have until October to get an appropriate amount of long runs in before then.

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Running how I have missed you so (Broomfield Commons Run- 3 miles)

Broomfield Commons Run by stephnscott22 at Garmin Connect – Details.

As some of you may know, I moved to Denver, CO (one of the coldest places ever) in November.  Since then I haven’t really had the chance to run outside because it was been pretty cold and icy here.  I signed up for the RNR Half Marathon again this year and really need to get on my training if I want to improve my time.  Today it was actually warm enough to be outside so I asked my Mom if she would go with me (as I really didn’t want to explore a completely new area by myself).  My mom doesn’t like to run but agreed to go with me and she would walk while I ran.  It was soo awesome to be outside, feel the wind on my face and the sun against my skin.  I am still pretty excited that I smell like sunblock because it has been soo long.  There is something about running that just makes you feel alive.  Sometimes it hurts a little but when you are finished you just have this major sense of accomplishment.  I am still figuring out how I am going to increase my mileage between now and June.  Miles 1-2 were awesome, Mile 3 not soo much because my ankle started hurting.  I am not sure if I need to replace my shoes or because it has been forever.   Either way I am going to RoadRunner to replace my shoes because it has been over six months since I got a pair.   Just out of curiousity, what is your favorite thing about running?

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I’m baaack!!!

Today was officially the 1st day of my half marathon training.  The temperatures have been really cold here in Denver (for this Cali girl anyway) and it has been almost impossible to run outside.  I decided I need to get on it, suck it up and just run on the treadmill.  The treadmill is pretty much mental torture to me.  The longest I have ever run is 4 miles which took a little over an hour.  Today I was shooting for at least 2 miles.  At mile 1.25 I started getting tired.  The difference in oxygen in Denver is crazy so I am still trying to get used to it.  I pushed through and was able to finish my 2 miles today and even managed to leave it on a .5 incline the whole way.  Afterwards I did strength training for about 15 minutes.  My goal this year is to run a total of 214 miles (only 212 left) and shave 15 minutes off of my time last year.  I just have to keep on it.

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Happy New Year!!!!

image I have have to say this has been an awesome year. My New Year’s resolutions for 2013 were to make my running goal and get a job in my career field. I actually did 2 for 2 which is pretty cool.  I have moved to Denver after accepting a job as an Associate Statistical Researcher (which is significantly colder than SD) but I am hoping the lack of oxygen will help me get an amazing PR for RnR San Diego this year. I can’t wait to see what 2014 entails!! Hope everyone has an amazing New Years!

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Running when your “monkey mind” is on overdrive (Crown Point Bike Path-5.75 miles)

I went for a run yesterday and my mind just wasn’t in it at all.  I read an article in “Runner’s World” I think where they talked about “monkey mind” or when your mind is thinking of a million other things during a run.  That was me yesterday.  It was warm, I was hungry, there were soo many things I had going on that the run wasn’t that enjoyable.  If you saw this place you would think I was crazy, it was by the water and there were a million interesting people to see.  All I could think about was this job interview I had and was running all the mental scenarios in my head.  Does anyone else have this problem?  If so what do you do to get back in the game?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Running goal met for the year!!!(Harbor Island Run-5 miles)

Harbor Island Run by stephnscott22 at Garmin Connect – Details.

I finally did it!!! I actually met my running goal for this year.  For the past two years I have missed my goal by 40 miles.  I am super excited to have met my goal.  I am going to revise the goal to 300 miles by the end of the year so I don’t get lazy and stop working out.

Run today was ok.  Miles 1-3 were awesome.  Mile 4 was hard and didn’t get a second wind until halfway through mile 4.  On the plus side, my sprinting at the end is getting much easier.  That is about it, I am super tired and ready for bed.  Until next time.

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Five miles left (Harbor Island Run-4.1 miles)

Harbor Island Run by stephnscott22 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Until I reach my running goal for the year.  I had wanted to finish it already but I got sidetracked preparing for an interview that I had.  Today was the first day where I was like “You know what, I need a run”.  There are a million things I have to work on for my dissertation but I hadn’t run in almost two weeks and decided today was the day.  Miles 1-3 were awesome.  The last 1.10 miles were killer because my body started to feel tired.  I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone the entire run which makes it a little harder.  Overall my average pace is getting better though.  Hopefully by the end of this month I will be able to complete my goal.

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Only 13 miles left…

Until I reach my running goal for the year.  Soo exciting.  The downside is that I ripped my toenail (not off and not from running) so I am a little afraid to go running just yet.  I am just gonna keep filing it down and hope that I am able to go by Tuesday.  After I reach my goal for the year I have to stay motivated to keep running so I have decided to modify my goal to 300 miles.  I should be able to do this by the end of the year which would be awesome!!!  I have never ever reached my running goal before.

I have continued running but have been really bad about blogging about it.  I have incorporated running up stairs in order to help strengthen my legs and help me get faster.  I am definitely already starting to see some results.  Normally my average pace is about 15 minutes per mile.  My first mile will be about 13 and a half minutes and the rest are in the 15 and 16 minute range.  Last Monday I ran the first mile in 12 min and 55 seconds and the rest of the miles were in the 14 min to 14 min 30 sec range.  I was pretty excited.

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New PRs!!! (Lake Murray Run-3 miles)

Lake Murray Run by stephnscott22 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Had a great running day today!  I have a new 5k PR of 41.59 which beat my previous record by two minutes AND my new best average pace was 13 min and 33 sec.  Still not as fast as some people but considering my average pace is normally around 15 minutes I will take it.  My dream average pace is 10 min per mile.  I want to run a marathon one day but in order for me to be able to do so I have to bring down my average pace quite a bit.  For all of you runners out there, what do you do to help increase your speed (but not injure yourself)?

I am at 90% of my running goal this year.  I am super stoked, I only have 22 miles to go.  I have never even come this close to reaching my goal before.  When I reach it, I am going to up the goal to 300 miles and shoot for that by the end of the year.  That is about it, I just wanted to share with the whole world because I was super excited about my times.  Have a great day everyone.  🙂

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NEW PR!!! (Harbor Island Run-4 miles)

Harbor Island Run by stephnscott22 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Finished the first mile in 11 min and 34 seconds (which is 20 seconds faster than my previous PR).  After that the rest of the run sucked because I burned myself out.  My ankles were aching the rest of the way but I finished my 4 mile run today.  Soo excited!!! 🙂

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